Monday, September 12, 2016

Terrorist Set Fire To Florida Mosque!

A reminder to the folks who blame one group for the acts of one. Terrorism isn't exclusively Muslim. There are plenty of folks who willing to terrorize people and property for their twisted views. If we lump mass shootings, White extremism, gang violence, arson, illegal hacking and criminal hate crimes into terrorism, anyone who commits these acts of violence should be tried for the same criminal acts similar to international terrorism.

The destruction of religious institutions was always an act of terrorism. It went back to the years of the Klan burning down predominantly Black churches in the South.

Now the extremists are destroying mosques in the United States.

There have been numerous reports of extremists leaving burned q'urans, pig's blood, pig's heads and graffiti on the walls of mosques.

There was a fire at an Fort Pierce, Florida mosque overnight. This mosque was the place where the Pulse nightclub shooter once prayed.

The Islamic Center of Fort Pierce has images of the terrorist. The Florida state authorities and FBI are determined to capture this person.

In June, the Orlando community was hit by a terrorist who massacred 49 people inside a local gay nightclub. The terrorist was killed by the law after a gunfire exchange. To this day no laws were passed on handling mass shootings.

I will address the mass shooter in the usual blame game postings. After that, I will not mention the name of any mass shooter. I am done sending condolences to victims.

Ironic that on the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack in 2001, we are no where close to being united. The cliches of "United We Stand" and "We Shall Overcome" are just words not speeches.

The hateful acts of this arsonist will not be tolerated. Hopefully justice will be served to this extremist.

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