Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Philippines Prez Slick Talking!

Foreign leader's remarks about our president are praised by conservatives.

President Barack Obama's last months in office will be taking trips to Asia to meet once again with some of the world's leaders. One leader off the list is the Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte.

The meeting between the leaders was canceled. The Philippines leader called President Barack Obama a "son of a bitch".

The president said that he's not going to waste time with this guy because of this.

Obama is concerned about the brutal abuse of criminals in the Philippines. The president has challenged Duterte over extrajudicial killings in the country.

"Clearly, he's a colorful guy," Obama said. "What I've instructed my team to do is talk to their Philippine counterparts to find out is this in fact a time where we can have some constructive, productive conversations."

Some are calling out Duterte for human rights abuse. He's seen scrutiny over his aggressive campaign to end drugs in the country. Over 2,000 dope pushers were taken out.

President Barack Obama had to deal with leaders from hostile nations. Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation, Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan, China's president Xi Jinping are considered hostile leaders by the United States.

We can also add Duterte to the list of leaders.

On his right wing carnival, Sean "Softball" Hannity actually thought it was funny that Obama was called a "son of a bitch" by Duterte.

I want you to remember that the ever patriotic "Softball" Hannity is always attacking our president and kissing the asses of foreign leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu and Putin.

Why does "Softball" Hannity hate America?

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