Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Live With Kelly And Morris!

Kelly Ripa is likely to pick Morris Chestnut to replace Michael Strahan. Chestnut was featured in The Best Man, Boyz in the Hood and Fox's Rosewood.

The drama over at Live! may be coming to an end. Kelly Ripa has announced her new host. The news will be dropped soon and people are anticipating on the new host being a famous face.

The possible host is someone familiar with television and movies.

It seems like actor Morris Chestnut is highly favored to be the replacement for Michael Strahan, the ex-NFL star/actor/game show host who abruptly left the show to take on full time duties at GMA.

This was one of the biggest shocks in the junk food media. It sparked a bitter feud between Ripa and Strahan. The two were distant from one another and refuse to acknowledge each other.

Kelly Ripa was struggling to find a decent host.

Chestnut is probably the right choice. Given that Chestnut is 'eye candy" for women and he has notable history appealing with viewers, it's good choice.

Chestnut is on the Fox police drama Rosewood. It's greenlighted for a second season and it will air again on Thursday to replace Bones after it finishes up its final season.

Other possibilities include: Neil Patrick Harris. He would be a suitable choice. He's a famous actor who can entertain and make the show more lively. He's is openly gay and could bring rational views to the show. The actor and business mogul is best friends with Ripa. Neil Patrick Harris and Kelly Ripa were guests of actress Rachael Harris's wedding.

Anderson Cooper, the CNN host and CBS 60 Minutes commentator. With a busy schedule and a failed talk show, it's highly unlikely for him to be the choice. Cooper will moderate the second debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Fred Savage and Rob Lowe. Both have appeared on the critically acclaimed sitcom The Grinder. The series was cancelled in the latest round of Fox downsizing its comedy blocks. Savage is a famous child actor now turned famous director and producer. He is working on other sitcoms and directing episodes of New Girl, black-ish, The Goldbergs and Girl Meets World starring his brother Ben Savage.

Lowe, on the other hand was probably a bad choice. Given that he's turned conservative, he will clash with Kelly Ripa on issues like LGBT and Hillary Clinton. Lowe who is critical of Barack Obama would say something that would make the show too political. Lowe is also working on a television series.

We will await the announcement. The new season of Live! begins on Monday.

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