Wednesday, September 14, 2016

HuffPo Wants To Help Free Rapper Mac!

McKinley "Mac" Phipps with his son on the grounds of a Louisiana iron college.The former rapper may be freed from jail after evidence emerge showing he wasn't the shooter.

From the days of being on No Limit to the nights at the Louisiana iron college, McKinley Phipps, Jr., formerly known as Mac is hoping that he may get a "free card".  For 15 years, Mac's seen bars and it wasn't inside a studio.

Now it seems like he may soon have a chance to get his freedom. The 39-year old former rapper has denied participating in this tragedy. And it seems like there's a possibility he may be freed from the iron college.

In 2014, Medill Justice Project in partnership with The Lens looked into the matter. After a three month investigation into Mac's conviction, it revealed details of a key-witness being intimidated into identifying him as the killer. The Huffington Post's David Lohr published the results of a four month review into the conviction.

Four witness in regards to the shooting told HuffPost that they were threatened, intimidated or outright ignored by investigators. Mac's family also obtained affidavits from many of the individuals in an effort to get him a new trial.

The prosecutors had no forensic evidence. It didn't bother to perform ballistics on the gun belonging to another man who confessed.

I can tell you that Mac was one of the hardest rappers on No Limit. The label founded by Percy Miller, Sr. known to the world as Master P. He released two albums on the label, Shell Shocked and World War III on the label.

In 2001, Mac was convicted of killing Barron C. Victor, Jr. He was served a 30 year to LIFE bid at the Elayn Hunt Lockup in St. Gabriel, Louisiana.

The former fiance of Victor, Samantha Barnes believes that Mac was railroaded by the justice system.

Mac's case tells the story of how being a rapper who paid the price for his freedom of speech. He spoke of murder and drugs. He was talking about his struggles. The Louisiana courts saw that as a reason to put in the iron college for LIFE.

Hopefully Mac gets a new trial. He deserves the right to a fair trial given Louisiana's history of locking up Black people at a faster rate than any other race in that state.

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