Saturday, September 24, 2016

College Jokers In Blackface May Face Dismissal!

It looks like the University of North Dakota is going to kick some students out after pictures surfaced online of them posting themselves in blackface. The caption referred to the incident as "Black Lives Matter".

The most recent image, which went viral shows four women wearing black facial masks.

The president of the UND said basically saying that this is inexcusable. 

"It is abundantly clear that we have much work to do at the University of North Dakota in educating our students and the entire University community on issues related to diversity, inclusion, and respect of others.....
Pretty stupid.
"...I have been disappointed to learn that we have people in our university community who don't know that the kind of behavior and messaging demonstrated in these two photos is not OK, and that, in fact, it is inexcusable."

Another picture that circulated was one of the women saying that it "feels good to finally be a Nigga". 

The student who posted on social media the offensive images is Etonde Maloke. She was very upset over this. She saying the person they had been referencing was her friend. Apparently the people in the picture used the woman’s own phone to take and post the photo, to her Snapchat story.

“My friend was not aware that they had done this and didn’t even realize they had put this on her [S]napchat story until another friend of ours pointed it out,” Maloke’s post reads.

UND’s student body is primarily white – 78 percent, the university’s race and ethnicity data shows. That’s about in line with the U.S. population, according to Census figures.

And 2.45 percent of students says they’re black/non-Hispanic Americans, with another 2.95 percent listing themselves as two or more races.

In addition, 6 percent of students consider themselves “non-resident or alien.”

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