Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Michelle Obama Tempted To Run For Senate!

Conservatives freak out over the speculation of First Lady Michelle Obama running for U.S. Senate

Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States isn't considering a run for higher office or the U.S. Senate. But the rumor that she could has conservatives freaking out over it.

The notion of Mrs. Obama to follow Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is possible.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) is considering a run for the governor's mansion in Springfield. He believes that Republican Bruce Rauner is inept and it's possible to defeat him. Durbin who is up for reelection in 2018 could retire, leading the way for Mrs. Obama to take an opportunity to run.

The Democratic National Committee is beginning to print bumper stickers with Michelle’s image and the slogan that she chose for the DNC – “When they go low, we go high.”

Clinton was then the First Lady of the United States.

During the final years of her husband Bill Clinton's presidency, she took residence in New York and took advantage of an open seat. Clinton would win her U.S. senate election in 2000. She would serve in the senate for 7 years before she would declare her intentions to run for president. She would lose to then Illinois Senator Barack Obama in a bitter Democratic primary.

The president credited Michelle for his victory. She is by far the most popular First Lady right now.

Obama would nominate Clinton for the State Department. At the time, Clinton's popularity was high as the Secretary of State. As soon as she declared her intentions to run for president again, her popularity plunged. Most of the events were mainly due to the fact she's a woman, Republicans and their obsession with Benghazi and her email server.

She passed Clinton and Republican icon Nancy Reagan in popularity.

Mrs. Obama had delivered the most passionate speech for Hillary Clinton. It was praised by many in the junk food media. The conservatives weren't expecting the Obamas and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to support Clinton's bid. Of course, they're wrong as usual.

Donald Trump can't even get members of his own party to support his own bid for president. It was revealed that Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) isn't down with the Trump team. She penned an article slamming the nominee for being unfit to be the president.

Okay let's get through the U.S. Senate race. The Toss Ups.

Ohio - Rob Portman (Leaning Republican)
Florida - Marco Rubio (Toss Up)
Pennsylvania - Pat Toomey (Leaning Republican)
Illinois - Mark Kirk (Leaning Democrat)
Iowa - Chuck Grassley (Leaning Republican)
New Hampshire - Kelly Ayotte (Toss Up)
Colorado - Michael Bennet (Leaning Democrat)
Wisconsin - Ron Johnson (Leaning Democrat)
Nevada - Harry Reid (Retires) (Toss Up)
Arizona - John McCain (Leaning Republican)
Louisiana - David Vitter (Retires) (Safe Republican)
Missouri - Roy Blunt (Leaning Republican)
Maryland - Barbara Mikulski (Retires) (Safe Democrat)
North Carolina - Richard Burr (Toss Up)
Indiana - Dan Coats (Retires) (Toss Up)



Alaska - Lisa Murkowski
Idaho - Mike Crapo
Utah - Mike Lee
North Dakota - John Hoeven
South Dakota - John Thune
Kansas - Jerry Moran
Oklahoma - James Lankford
Arkansas -  John Boozman
Alabama - Richard Shelby
South Carolina - Tim Scott
Georgia - Johnny Isakson
Kentucky - Rand Paul


Washington - Patty Murray
Oregon - Ron Wyden
California - Barbara Boxer (Retiring)
New York - Chuck Schumer
Vermont - Patrick Leahy
Connecticut - Richard Blumenthal
Hawaii - Brian Schatz

The odds of the Democrats taking back the U.S. Senate is 45%. The odds of the Republicans continuing a hold on the senate is 50%. The odds of the House flipping to become Democratic is 40%. The odds of the House being in Republican hold is 56%.

Here's the trailer for Southside, the movie about how Michelle Robinson met Barack Obama.

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