Friday, August 19, 2016

Not This S**t Again: Another Zombie Eating The Face! [NSFW]

Austin Harrouff Murder
Man wigs out on bath salts and murders a family. The law didn't put this one down like they did Rudy Eugene.


Rudy Eugene became famous for being the Florida zombie. He was shot by police after he wigged out on marijuana (laced with bath salts) and mauled a homeless man of his face. The man luckily survived but his face was destroyed by Eugene. The junk food media released the horrific pictures of Eugene stripped naked and on top of the man eating his face and raping him.

He was killed soon as the police arrived.

Now it seems like he has some competition. A Florida man is under medical watch after he stabbed a couple to death and then he eat one of the victim's face.
John and Michelle (Mishcon) Stevens were brutally murdered by a White thug.

John Stevens III and Michelle Mishcon were brutally attacked by this thug. This thug who lived a privileged life in West Palm Beach. He was the son of a dentist who operated on celebrities teeth.

Austin Harrouff, who gave a fake name, allegedly stabbed the couple as they were sitting outside their home watching the stars.

This thug is a student at Florida State University and is a member of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity.

Rudy Eugene, the Miami Zombie
This thug was the all-American boy who got good grades and whatever.....I don't care what this thug done. He's a pampered White thug who murdered an innocent couple for no damn reason.

He is facing murder charges, aggravated assault, breaking and entering, and possession of an illegal substance. He is right now under police and medical watch in "grave condition".

He wasn't shot like Rudy Eugene. This thug survived a police encounter.

The law tried to tase him and sic the K-9 officer on him. None of that worked. So they piled on him. And as the law tried to restrain him, he was making beastily sounds and trying to bite off his skin.

This designer drug, flakka (not the rapper Waka Flocka Flame) is a bath salt that is banned in the United States.

Somehow it's sneaking its way into the states. Some videos that appeared on social media shows people acting like zombies and beasts when they use this shit.

And the question is raised again! Why did the law shoot Rudy Eugene but spared Austin Harrouf?

They both committed horrendous acts.

I want to once again warn you that the image of the victim of Eugene's attack is shown before and after. Take discretion in this photo.


Black Lives Matter activist and New York Daily News writer Shaun White pointed out how the law sees Black and White murder suspects.

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