Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Flea Market Rapper Benzino Hits Rock Bottom!

Benzino is a notorious figure in the hip-hop community. He is blacklisted by most record companies. He still makes music and parties like a 20 year old. Mind you he's 52 year old.

Washed up rapper Benzino is hoping to save grace. A dangerous figure is no longer on the streets. His nephew Gai Scott was sent to the iron college after he filled his uncle with lead.

A couple years ago, Benzino was heading to the funeral for his mother who passed away. The shooter approached the vehicle. The two got into a heated argument and then the shooting.

Benzino was shot three times and he survived the shooting.

We just found out that the shooter will be pressing plates for the next ten years.

Benzino used this shooting as fodder for the role on a reality television show. He was dating video vixen Althea Heart a co-star on the Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.
Gai Scott the nephew of Benzino shot him during a dispute at a funeral. Scott was a member of Benzino's rap posse.
The two got into a heated fight with Stevie J and Joseline. VH-1 decided to fire Benzino and Althea out the cannon after this.

Since that altercation, many networks didn't want much to do with him.

Benzino decided to father a child with Althea. Now they had planned on getting married but his temper and the code of the streets kept this relationship on the rocks. They ended up on Marriage Boot Camp to repair their relationship. It didn't work.

Now they're not together and he's still trying to stay relevant.

Since his cannon firing from Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, Benzino has taken his talents to Black owned TV One. He is now on TV One's The Next 15. It's basically a reality show that deals with entertainers who are struggling to stay in the limelight.

Benzino is most famous for his feud with Eminem. At one time, he used The Source Magazine as a weapon against the rapper. Benzino was co owner of the magazine with Dave Mays, a Harvard educated White man.

Mays, Jon Scheter, James Bernard and Ed Young founded the magazine in 1988.

They had a bitter fallout when Mays wanted to give Benzino an opportunity to grow by selflessly promoting his terrible ideas. Mays and Benzino nearly destroyed The Source in this war with Eminem. The shareholders fired the two out the cannon in 2006.

Benzino and Mays would create Hip Hop Weekly, a New York Post style gossip rag.

Benzino is a one hit wonder. His only song, Rock The Party was the only single to make it in Billboard's top ten hits of the week.

Here's Would You, a single off Benzino's Redemption album. The album features guest vocals from actress LisaRaye McCoy. The actress/model tried a hand at rapping. She was promoted at one time to host The Source Magazine's: All Access television show on UPN.

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