Friday, July 15, 2016

Terrorism Hits Nice!

The truck that killed 84 innocent people. A terrorist managed to plow over people watching fireworks in Nice.

There was a tragic event in France. The world is mourning another terrorist attack on the people who were just celebrating French independence. The blame game here in the United States will once again be focused on Muslims, immigrants, Black or Brown men, and of course President Barack Obama.

Will the trolls call the victims crisis actors?

Will the Republicans and their conservative allies blame Obama for this?

Will the Republicans and their conservative allies say things like "radical Islam", "scourge" and "weak" when they describe this attack?

As the French were celebrating Bastille's Day, a terrorist managed to sneak pass the barricades to infiltrate the crowds who were watching fireworks in the city of Nice.

The terrorist was in a semi-truck and he was mowing through the crowds. He managed to cause carnage through a two mile stretch of road.
When the authorities tried to apprehend him, he got out his vehicle and started firing upon the residents and the law.

In this act of terrorism, we have over 80 people and rising. 

Once again, the junk food media takes it's focus off the issues of violence in the United States to focus on the ongoing fight against terrorism.

The Islamic State and al-Qaeda haven't claimed responsibility for the attacks but on social media it's praised. 

The terrorist was a 29 year old man who had minor run-ins with the law. Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlei was a delivery driver who at one point was delivering ice cream. That was a rouse to get through and mow over victims.

The terrorist was a nice guy who had a family. 

There is some disturbing videos circulating through social media. The part where he mows over victims and the law shooting the terrorist.


Okay, as usual Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama offer their thoughts and condolences to the victims. Two Americans were among the dead. A father and son from Austin, Texas were killed.
The terrorist's identification.

President Francois Hollande vows revenge against those involved. He will immediately order military and law enforcement go into the terrorist's home and obtain information and accomplices.

Of course, American conservatives are rehashing "radical Islam" and blaming the president for the attack. The president was in Washington at a town hall about gun violence and racial tensions. It being hosted by ABC when this jumped off.

They seriously believe that the president is weak on terrorism.

Donald Trump held back introducing Indiana governor Mike Pence held was pushed back. Pence declared he's not running for reelection at this time so he'll be the running mate for Trump.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of those lost in this senseless tragedy.

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