Friday, July 08, 2016

The Good News Overshadowed By The Bad!

The tragic shooting in Dallas may end President Barack Obama's trip to the European Union for a NATO summit. The president is clearly upset over the lost of lives in another mass shooting.

All the good news of the June job numbers were scrubbed by the ongoing blame game of mass shootings.

The June jobs report say that 287,000 jobs were added just a few weeks before Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton take their crowns as the party's nominees.

The unemployment rate has risen to 4.9%. It happens when more unemployed Americans go back into the workforce looking for a stable job.

The May jobs report was a disappointment. It gave the markets some major worry. The United Kingdom's divorce from the EU has also cast instability across the world markets.

The economy is making strives.

Again, you will have your critics. They will continue to push this false narrative that 94 million American aren't working and the usual the economy is in free fall.

Let me be clear. Here's the things that contribute to people not working.

Stay at home parents
Just quit their jobs
Retired workers
Those in prison
Under 16
In college or high school

Discrediting the facts for their partisan agenda.

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