Thursday, June 16, 2016

Old Fart McCain Blames Obama For Orlando Massacre!

That old fart is facing an insurgent candidate in the Republican primary. He is going "maverick" again. Even his old running mate is considering endorsing his rival.

Sen. John McCain  (R-AZ) is the failed 2008 Republican presidential candidate.

The old fart is still bitter about the landslide. He is hoping to secure brownie points with Arizona voters by saying President Barack Obama allowed the Orlando massacre to happen.

The reason to why he blames Obama for this: because the president ended the war in Iraq.

The Republicans are inept. The Republicans would rather focus on distractions such as blaming the president for the acts of a terrorist.

McCain is pathetic warhawk who thinks bombing people is the best way to fighting terrorism.

Lindsey Graham and McCain are senile and they will waste taxpayer dollars sending bombs over the Islamic State.

Kelli Ward is winning support from the conservatives and she hopes to knock the 81 year old senator off his perch.

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