Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Gary Johnson: Give Me Airtime, Please!

Gary Johnson is running to stop Donald Trump.

Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson is the nominee for the Libertarian Party. He's a former Republican who is socially liberal but fiscally conservative. He's trying once again to garnish attention from the junk food media.

You may remember him from 2012. No you haven't?

The Huffington Post says that not too many know who he is. So far he polling at 10% in national polls and this is something to take notice. If he was able to secure 15% of the vote, he could qualify for a national debate.

The junk food media often ignores the Libertarian and Green Party candidates because of course, they get no play.

Here's a quiz for you.

Who is Gary Johnson's running mate?

William Weld, former Massachusetts governor.

What city was he born in?

Minot, North Dakota.

When was he the governor of New Mexico?

He was governor of New Mexico from 1995-2003

Does Johnson support legalized marijuana, same sex marriage and prostitution?

Yes. He supports legalization of marijuana. He supports same sex marriage. He wants to decriminalize prostitution. He is pro-choice and anti-death penalty. He believes in a flat tax. He supports the Second Amendment. He wants to rid the country of private prisons and offer treatment to low risk offenders.

Is he similar to Bernie Sanders?


Is he similar to Rand Paul or his father Ron Paul?


Is he similar to Donald Trump?


Gary Johnson doesn't want to be labeled as such. He doesn't want to be mainstreamed by political parties.

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