Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Disney's Tick-Tock Snatch A Boy!

Orlando deals with another tragedy. A toddler got snatched by an alligator.

The wife of the terrorist who killed 50 at Pulse is under federal watch for not tipping the law.

Many witnesses say that the terrorist was either gay or bisexual. The terrorist was on social media trying to find a date. Some of the club goers said that the terrorist was a regular at gay nightclubs.

Four of the deceased worked at Universal Studios theme park.

Orlando is the hub of magic. The magic is diminishing.

The city of Orlando and Walt Disney World both express sorrow for the family of a 2 year old boy who was snatched up by an alligator.

The boy was wading near the Seven Seas Lagoon when a 7 foot alligator took him under.

Trappers says that alligators see food regardless of what it is.

Disney posted "NO SWIMMING SIGNS" near the lagoon. There were no alligator warning signs.

The father was in the water trying to grab the alligator but the animal is way too powerful to drop the boy.

Once the alligator grab something, its likely to decapitated the prey.
Florida alligators are dangerous in populated areas. People go near these animals. Alligators are fast on land and deadly in the water.
A few weeks ago in Lakeland, trappers nabbed an alligator spotted with a human torso. The victim was not identified at the time. It has become a bigger problem now that an invasive Nile crocodile population affects the Florida alligator population.

Orange County sheriff Jerry Demings has to now deal with another horrific tragedy.

I happened to notice that the junk food media isn't looking into the criminal record of the father or mother. Is there going to be criminal charges for the family for allowing their child go into the water when it said not to.

Remember the boy at the Cincinnati Zoo being grabbed by a gorilla. The junk food media was attacking the mother for allowing her son get into the enclosure and father (who wasn't there) for having minor criminal history.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of the toddler.

We continue to cover the Orlando massacre and the death of Christina Grimmie.

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