Saturday, June 18, 2016

No Apple Picking In Ohio!

Trump calls for boycott of APPLE after they dropped the endorsement of the Republican Convention.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the brand isn't going to be a part of the Republican National Convention. This comes as blow to the Republican Party's outreach to individuals.

Republicans fear they could lose the Congress if Donald Trump continues on with the divisive rhetoric. In July 18-21, the Republican National Convention will in Cleveland, Ohio and Donald Trump will accept the nomination for the party. Many Republicans fear that Trump could damage the brand for a generation. His attacks on fellow Republicans and those who distance themselves from him has made the party lose confidence in their chances.

The Color of Change is hoping that companies see Donald Trump as the bigot he is. They want national brands to back out of sponsoring the event.

Walmart and Coca-Cola both backed out of both conventions.

The distancing from Trump is a sign of problems awaiting the party. The party's far right politicos and agitators are driving the party off the cliff.

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