Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ohio Man Got Cut By A Racial Agitator!

Dayton man was hurt after being confronted over his relationship with a White woman.

Just when you thought that it couldn't happen in my community, here comes this bit of news. A Black man was treated from injuries sustained from an attack perceived as a hate crime. It happened in my city of Dayton, Ohio.

WHIO reports that the victim claimed that he was harassed by the attacker because he was involved with a woman who was White.

The alleged attack happened on Friday. The attacker had called the victim racial slurs and tried to instigate a fight. This ongoing conflict started over a four day period.

The victim was working on a door when the attack happened. The attacker pulled out a knife and swiped the victim in the arm.

The victim grabbed a hammer that was nearby and fought back and the attacker ran away after accidentally cutting himself with his own knife.

Dayton Police are searching for witnesses. If the suspect is caught, he will face felonious assault charges and if the situation turns out to be racial angst, then the feds may charge him with violation of the civil rights. Each charge could land the suspect in the iron college for 10 years.

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