Friday, May 27, 2016

Gucci Mane: Guwop's Thirsty!

Gucci Mane out of federal time out. Plans on releasing a mixtape.

The Atlanta rapper was released from federal time out yesterday. Radric Davis, known to the world as the Gucci Mane was granted freedom from the Terre Haute federal time out.

On top of that, he wants to release a mixtape. Tonight he will release a mixtape at 10:17pm.

A nod to his label 1017 Records.

Big Guwop escaped a 20 year sentence after being hit up with federal charges. Back in 2013, the rapper spazzed out. He was caught in the Atlanta streets with a semi-automatic after binging on the snow. He was quickly arrested and treated for injuries inflicted on himself.

After being sent to detox, he was given the choice, straighten up or face 20 in federal time out.

His lawyers worked out a reasonable sentence. He got three years in federal time out and 10 years of supervised in-house.

Gucci Mane is free man. Well wishes to the King of East Atlanta.

Gucci Mane released over 12 albums and 54 mixtapes.

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