Sunday, May 22, 2016

Florida Women Served Victoria's Secret Worker A Knuckle Up!

The junk food media and the agitators love to cover stories like this. This is the nonsense that keeps Matt Drudge, Colin Flaherty and racial agitators in the spotlight.

Dan Abram's Law Newz (Mediaite) reports this story about five women attacking a Victoria's Secret worker and it was captured on surveillance.

These women were allegedly shoplifting from a Miami Lakes, Florida mall. They entered the Victoria's Secret store in the opening hours. They created the distraction and it was noticed by the worker.

The worker took it upon herself to stop a group of alleged shoplifters. It didn't take long before the situation escalated and the five finger rolls were served.

What the worker did was confront the women on theft. The women were offended by the accusation and let the fist fly. First it became the hair and then the face. Then they gave the worker a curb side salad with a side of toe jam.

The worker did get the pictures of the suspects. She used her cell phone to capture the images of the suspects.

The Miami-Dade County police are looking for the suspects and they will eventually be caught.

If caught they will face felonious assault, battery, petty theft, robbery and trespassing. The felonious assault and robbery charge could land the women in the iron college for 5 to 15 years. The battery, petty theft and trespassing charge could land them in the iron college for up to 1 year or in-house for 10. They will be banned from shopping at the Victoria's Secret store and mall.

The worker will probably be warned about confronting shoppers on accusations of theft. She will be probably reprimanded for using cell phones on the job and filming customers without consent.

They are all innocent until proven guilty.

Here's what pisses me off.

Racial dog whistle words like "MOB". When the suspects are Black and the victims are White, these agitators uses "scary" words like "mob", "thugs" and use the "black majority cities" in one report.

Example: "Mob of women attack shopper at Detroit grocery store".

Decoded: "White shopper attacked by thugs in Detroit."

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