Monday, May 09, 2016

Conservative Outrage Over Facebook Dropping The Right!

Facebook faces a slew of conservative outrage over its viral content.

Conservatives are totally pissed that the world's largest social media website decided to play politics in the trending section. Many stories that favor conservatives aren't trending and an ex-Facebook worker is "exposing" the shadiness of the social media.

Of course, these are the very same conservatives who want to the private sector to thrive. Well the last time I've checked, Facebook is a private company.

Gizmodo, the technology news agitator broke the news and conservatives are none too happy that Mark Zuckerberg isn't being "friends" with them.

According to the ex-worker, Facebook would routinely suppress news stories of interest of conservative readers from the social network's "trending" news section.

Stories about the CPAC gathering, perennial loser Mitt Romney, Rand Paul and other conservative topics weren't trending. It had to passed around by the site's users.

Conservatives are now crying that Facebook has liberal bias.

Facebook denies any political bias.

Topics that conservative constantly bring up are: Benghazi, Clinton in jail, Lois Lerner (former IRS official), Obamacare, radical Islam, Obama's not American, Obama's a Muslim, Ted Cruz, and Chris Kyle. They were shoved aside.

Given how social media has helped Barack Obama become the president, conservatives have long whined that the media is against them. It helps them win votes.

Regardless, Facebook can do whatever it wants. It's not in the business of pandering to hateful rhetoric from the likes of Breitbart News or The Drudge Report. It doesn't need to read racial slurs or groups devoted to hating on someone's race, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, political, economic and social standings. It's not in the business of allowing trolls dictate content.

Conservatives are blowing steam. Because if they really wanted to end their Facebook accounts, they wouldn't even touch Freedombook, formerly known as Reaganbook: The Facebook for Patriots.

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