Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Jon Stewart: The Country May End Up Voting For This "Man-Baby" Named Donald Trump!

Jon Stewart was legendary host of The Daily Show. For 16 years, he hosted the nightly satire show on Comedy Central. He announced his retirement last year and he passed the baton to Trevor Noah.

When Jon heard that Donald J. Trump was running for president, he almost didn't want to leave. He was so hoping that he could get a couple of digs at the controversial billionaire. When Trump entered the race, everyone thought that Trump would fizzle out. 

It didn't happen. 

Trump is now the Republican presumptive nominee. 

The Republicans are divided over how to deal with this.
Jon Stewart on The Late Show dressed as The Donald.
Jon offered a little bit of advice for the Republicans. He also took a jab at Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee.

In a taping of David Axelrod's Axe Files podcast, Stewart wondered if thin-skinned "man-baby" Donald Trump was even eligible to be president, CNN reports. "Are you eligible to run if you are a man-baby or a baby-man? I don't know," he said. "He has the physical countenance of a man and a baby's temperament and hands." Politico notes that Stewart also mocked Trump's campaign slogan, saying, "When was America great? What is this time that he speaks of? '81 to '82? Like what are we talking about?"

In true Daily Show style, Stewart was also scathing about the Democrats. "The door is open to an asshole like Donald Trump because the Democrats haven't done enough to show people that government, that can be effective for people, can be efficient for people," he said. "And if you can't do that, then you've lost the right to make that change and someone's going to come in and demagogue you." He described Hillary Clinton as a "very bright woman without the courage of her convictions"—but "that is not to say that she is not preferable to Donald Trump because, at this point, I would vote for Mr. T over Donald Trump." 

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