Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Fox Puts The Dog Out!

Fox News White House chief Ed Henry placed in the freezer after he admits to having an affair while on company time.

While I don't care what goes on in the bedrooms of people, this story reeks of hypocrisy. 

Whenever Republicans bring up sex scandals, they often say Bill Clinton. They often ignore Republicans when it comes to having affairs. The sex scandals often ruin the reputation of the party being worthy of having "family values". 

The Fox News Channel is conservative. They often play a role in pushing Republican talking points.

Republicans have often appeared on the network to trash the Clintons. But as soon as a scandal involving them unfolds, they go dark and the network covers up for them.
This pretty face may have doomed a political agitator's marriage and career.
Fox News has ran thousands of reports about allegations of cheating from Bill. The former president admits faults. He knew the risk. He hurt people. Namely his wife and their daughter. 

The network is running stories about Clinton's sex scandals to damage the reputation of Hillary Clinton, the former first lady, senator, secretary of state, who is the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party.

Now it seems like the one person who often confronted her about scandals found himself in a scandal.

Ed Henry, the Fox News correspondent was placed in the freezer after it was revealed he had numerous affairs on his wife while on the payroll. He had admitted to having a sexual relationship with a Las Vegas woman who plays the role of satisfying his needs.
Ed Henry had a pretty face at home and he blew it for a prostitute who roll'd him.
Henry was the gnat who pestered Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail with those stupid Benghazi accusations. 

Henry also handles the White House. He is in the press room giving Press Secretary Josh Earnest a migraine with questions about how President Barack Obama's policies hurt the world and why he can answer stupid questions based off conservative outrage. He gets access to the president.

It might be revoked if he shared confidential information to the mistress.

Henry joined the conservative network in 2011 after leaving CNN. He's been running with this woman named Natalia Lima. The woman is a hostess.

Lima says she met Henry on social media shortly after his 2010 marriage to Shirley Hung a NPR editor. She says it turned physical 10 months ago. “Whenever he was in town, we would pretty much just have sex," Lima says. "He has a really high sex drive."

Henry has two children from a previous relationship.


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