Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Texas Cop In The Freezer After Slamming Teen!

Would you want this to happen to your child?

A San Antonio resource officer is in the freezer after he was shown body slamming a girl into the concrete face first. The teen was struggling. He decides to lift her up and fling her into the ground on a brick walkway.

Josh Kehm in military garb.
The resource officer responded to a disturbance outside Rhodes Middle School.

San Antonio Independent Schools spox Leslie Price said that the video shown is quite disturbing.

They are launching an investigation into incident.

The officer in the freezer is Josh Kehm who joined the department last year. He was previously a member of the Air Force.

Kehm can be seen picking her up. The teen was dazed.

"We want to make sure we understand what happened, and we're not going to tolerate any excessive force," said Price. "We're waiting to have all the information before taking appropriate actions."

The video hit the social media and it went viral.

One of the biggest complaints from #BlackLivesMatter is the lack of proper training for officers who been on the force for less than a year.

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