Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Megyn Kelly Race Hustles Rev. Al!

Reverend Al Sharpton is the founder of the National Action Network. He is also a radio agitator and commentator on MSNBC. He is a civil rights activist who gets conservatives riled up. His actions are pretty damn effective and they hate this. 

Politicsnation or The Al Sharpton Show was demoted from weekdays to solely on Sundays. Sharpton has been considering an exit from the network. He along with former host Melissa Harris Perry both expressed resentment towards Phil Griffin and his team over at MSNBC. 

Sharpton, Ed Schultz and many others were not pleased to have Brian Williams bump them from their television spots. Williams is the disgrace NBC News anchor who lied about his past. He was demoted to the network and Lester Holt took permanent control of The Nightly News.

Sharpton and Kelly get into a heated confrontation over racial matters.
Megyn Kelly is the hottest act on Fox News. The blonde bombshell was promoted from morning news to her own primetime show. She ousted that annoying conservative agitator Sean Hannity from his 9pm spot. That spot has been running neck and neck with MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.

Megyn Kelly and Al Sharpton are "friendly" towards one another. The respect each other's position as leaders of both respective companies. However they do not agree politically on many issues. 

Especially when it comes to the issues of Black America. Sharpton is often seen as a racial agitator by many conservatives. His infamous past has made him a mark for conservative agitation. Matter of fact, every agitator and Black Republicans concern troll about every freaking criminal act in America. The conservatives always pull Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Pres. Barack Obama out their back pockets when they want to chastise the Black community.

Mediaite has a story online about a confrontational interview between Kelly and Sharpton.

Off the bat, Kelly calls Sharpton controversial. Like she's not controversial herself

Remember this is the woman who made a bold comment that Jesus and Santa Claus are White. She said that in regards to a Black child asking the race of Santa Claus.

At one point, Sharpton told the agitator to calm down.

It seems like Donald Trump isn't the only one who despises Megyn Kelly.

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