Saturday, April 23, 2016

Live On The Ropes!

Live! with Kelly & Michael is on the verge of cancellation. Both hosts are feuding with each other. Michael Strahan's abrupt departure angered Kelly Ripa. 

Legendary NFL player decides to move forward leaving a mess behind.

Former New York Giants star Michael Strahan created a shitstorm. He announced that he will depart from Live! with Kelly and Michael by the end of September to join ABC's Good Morning America as a full-time anchor.

That announcement riled up Kelly Ripa and she's threatening to leave the show as well. The announcement sparked a major feud between the two. Producers are hoping that she would return back to hosting duties on Tuesday.

Ripa didn't appear on the program Wednesday. She was supposed to be on vacation with her husband Mark Consuelos. She abruptly canceled the vacation to personally tell the Live! producers that she may eventually give up the show she's hosted since 2000. The word on the street that she will no longer work with Strahan.

Strahan is a contributor to ABC's Good Morning America. He usually appears from 7am - 8:15am.

When he leaves GMA, he beelines to the ABC studios down the road for the taping of Live.

Strahan also is co-host of Fox NFL Sunday. He is also in the works of hosting Dick Clark's $100,000 Pyramid. Strahan is working on getting his very own a FM agitation radio show.

Live was renewed until 2020 and with Strahan's departure from the show, it created a contractual dispute between Ripa and Strahan.

Many in the junk food media believe Strahan's departure is going to hurt his chances. Ripa went out on a limb for him.

Ripa was shocked when her former co-host Regis Philbin decided to retire from the show. She was upset over the departure. Philbin hasn't spoke to Ripa in a while. He's a guest contributor to Today's 4th hour with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

Philbin and Gifford were the original host of Live!

Many on the inside say that Kelly and Michael can't stand one another. Ripa can't stand Strahan's temper tantrums. Some believe that Strahan made a bad move.

Strahan announced his departure on the show with guest host Ana Gasteyer of SNL fame and Suburgatory. Erin Andrews of Fox Sports and Dancing With Stars finishes the week and will fill-in on Monday.

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