Friday, April 29, 2016

Joy Reid Back On MSNBC!

Joy Ann Reid is back on MSNBC.
Looks like Melissa Harris-Perry ended up with pie on her face. Her friend Joy Reid now holds the spot for weekend programming on MSNBC. She will replace Harris Perry for the 10am-12pm slot.

Joy Reid was hosting a show during the 3pm-4pm weekdays slot. Reid had previously hosted the weekday daytime show, The Reid Report which was canceled in September. She was bumped for Brian Williams, the disgraced NBC News anchor who hosted The Nightly News. Reid didn't get mad she lost her gig. She went forth and earned praise for her coverage of the primaries and was rewarded with a time slot again.

Phil Griffin loved how Joy handled the program during the primaries.

When Melissa Harris-Perry made her infamous letter saying that Nerdland (known as Melissa Harris-Perry) was being canned for political coverage, I was shocked. MSNBC fired her out the cannon after the rant went viral.

I was thinking that MSNBC was sidelining one of the best talents on the liberal leaning network.

Joy was thankful to MSNBC and her former. She vowed to continue the discussions that Melissa Harris-Perry brought to the forefront.

Joy Reid filled in for Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Lawrence O'Donnell during their time off.

Congratulations to Joy Ann Reid. World News Today wishes her well on her journey.

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