Friday, April 08, 2016

Conservative Outrage Over Sesame Street's New Friend Zari!

"Suicide vest included?": Right-wing nutjobs go bonkers as "Sesame Street" unveils hijab-clad puppet, Zari
Zari, the young 6 year old girl from Afghanistan will meet the folks on Sesame Street.

When Jim Henson Productions and the Sesame Workshop introduced to the public a new character, many praise the move as a way to show its commitment to diversity. Sesame Street introduces a new character to the show.

Zari, she is from Afghanistan and is a Muslim. She wears a hijab and will introduce the characters to the her family and her culture.

And guess what, it's winning praise across the country. 

There are some who aren't keen to the idea of a Muslim Muppet. 

Cue the conservative outrage.

The conservatives aren't happy about it. They believe that it's a deliberate attempt at "political correctness" and some of the comments that came from underneath the bandwidth bridge was pretty ugly.

Some conservatives resort to Islamophobia and downright sexist comments.

It's pathetic that conservatives would resort to this hateful rhetoric.

“Sesame Street has done more to educate and entertain than any other children’s program in Afghanistan,” said Saad Mohseni, the president of the MOBY group, which airs numerous TV programs for Afghani children. “We are especially delighted about the introduction of Zari to Baghch-e-Simsim, which reflects Sesame’s commitment to the country and the show’s positive impact here.”

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