Thursday, April 28, 2016

Did Prince Have AIDS?

Allegations swirl. Did Prince have AIDS?

Many tabloids are speculating that the famed singer was diagnosis with the HIV-virus. They claim that due to the singer's beliefs in medicine, he let it progress into AIDS.

According to sources close to Prince, they said that he was in bad shape. They said that doctors were telling Prince that his blood count was extremely low and his body temperature was dropping below normal.

He was out of place and disoriented. They said when he wanted to eat, he would throw it back up.

When the junk food media captured Prince in the Walgreen's parking lot pacing around, some thought that he looked like he was lost and out of place.

The source claims that Prince attracted the virus in the 1990s and kept the illness private out of fear of rejection.

Prince was a devout Jehovah's Witness and he often would not discuss issues that are negative.

He left no will. Now his family is battling with the record label over how his money and vault of music is going to be distributed. He was cremated on Saturday.

Prince died last Thursday shocking the junk food media.

The National Enquirer has often dished out dirt on many celebrities. It broke the stories of Jesse Jackson, Bill Cosby and John Edwards having illegitimate children.

It broke the story of Ted Cruz having numerous affairs on staffers and people who supported him.

And now Prince with AIDS. I am not surprised that everyone speculates things. But until the bag 'em ups says otherwise, I won't jump to conclusions.

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