Wednesday, April 20, 2016

420 North!

Canada could legalize marijuana. 

Canada is looking forward to the future. It's going green. The country is considering legalizing marijuana and it's winning praise in the U.S.

Our neighbor to the north trying to rid itself of the awful legacy of the former conservative prime minister Stephen Harper. The progressives are taking over. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is working overtime and is build bridges with President Barack Obama.

Trudeau said that legislation is well on the way. He said that recreational marijuana could be a reality in the Commonwealth.

Trudeau smoked weed back in his younger days. He's hoping that Parliament will pass a law assuring that any Canadian would not face prison time for smoking the sticky icky.

Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia have legalized the weed.

President Barack Obama and some of his staff will meet with marijuana legalization advocates.

They have petition heavily for support of legalization of recreational marijuana. Many other states are pushing for legalization.

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