Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Patty Duke Passed Away!

Patty Duke, famed child actress and advocate for mental health passed away in Idaho.

Today, Hollywood reports that legendary actress Patty Duke passed away. The actress died in Couer d'Alene, Idaho after a ruptured intestine lead to sepsis. Patty Duke (born Anne Pearce) was the adorable girl in the classic sitcom based off her name. She was the star and doppelganger of The Patty Duke Show where she played cousins who shared misadventures as one is an adventurous tomboy and the other is uptight and cautious. The show went through three seasons on ABC.

Born in Queens, New York in 1946, Patty Duke's break came when she took the role of Helen Keller in the Broadway version of The Miracle Worker. She also reprised the role in a 1962 film where she earned an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. At the time, Patty Duke was the youngest person to win an Oscar.

Patty decided to jump into a bigger roles. She played Neely O'Hara in the "Valley of the Dolls" film in 1967. Duke continue to work on film and television for most of her time.
Patty Duke played Patty and Cathy, two identical cousins. 
She would win three Emmys and two Golden Globes.

The last appearance of Patty was on the Disney Channel series "Liv and Maddie", wher she played twin grandmothers to twin sisters played by Dove Cameron. Her final appearance on film was "Power of the Air" which will be release next year.

In her memoir Call Me Anna, Duke revealed that she had suffered from bipolar disorder. She would become an advocate for mental health research.

The actress was married four times. She was survived by her husband Michael Pearce and her children Kevin Pearce, Mackenzie Astin, and Sean Astin.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Patty Duke. A great actress and entertainer will sorely be missed.

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