Sunday, February 07, 2016

They're Watching!

Law enforcement watching. The obvious is driving while intoxicated but they're also going after underage consumption, prostitution, human trafficking and potential terrorist attacks.

As the Democrats and Republicans take a moment to decide who's going to be their Superbowl picks for tonight's game, the junk food media is zeroing in on Santa Clara, California.

The Bay Area (San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose) will have 2.4 million people visit the area for Superbowl L. The game will feature the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers.

Some say this could be Payton Manning's last game. This could be a big achievement for the young Cam Newtown. Good luck to both teams.

The odd makers see the Panthers run a train on the Broncos. Millions will gathers around the television to watch the game on CBS. Also Stephen Colbert will have a live taping of The Late Show and he will bring on many guests. Stephen Colbert will be on approximately 11:00 pm (EST).
Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos in it to win.
Gayle King will do the White House interview with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. It will cover the topics about the future president, North Korea, Donald Trump, legislation that could be passed by an inept Congress and his executive orders. The White House interview will be at 4:25pm (EST).

The pre-shows will be watched by 30 million. The president's interview will be watched by 14 million. The game will be watched by 145 million. And hopefully the other networks run reruns and specials.

While you're heading to your parties or even to the store for the snacks, the law will be out in full force.

The law steps up enforcement. In order to curb alcoholic consumption while driving or while underage, they will operate at the peak times 2pm - 6pm. They will watch for drunk driving, reckless driving, and not wearing seat belts. Also they will send undercover into establishments to do a sting on clerks who sale alcohol to underage buyers.

The law will also curb human trafficking. Prostitution spikes around the Superbowl. Many in law enforcement along with the Department of Justice and Homeland Security are sweeping through Backpage, Craigslist, and the streets for prostitutes, pimps and dope boys.

Also the airspace and ground will monitored for drones. Under federal law, you must register your flying aircraft if it's an aircraft device that could be viewed as a blip.

Terrorism is also top priority. The FBI and the law enforcement agencies are watching for activity online and monitoring potential international and domestic threats.

The law is taking a zero tolerance to criminal activity during the Superbowl.

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