Monday, February 29, 2016

Three Muslim Men Murdered In Cold Blood! Not A Peep From The Junk Food Media!

Three young men were murdered in cold blood. The junk food media calls it a local story. The men were Muslim-Americans.


It happens in my own backyard. I mean there was a shooting in Dayton, Ohio. A pastor was gunned down by his own family member. The terrorist was arrested without any incident.

A Virginia officer who was sworn to duty one day earlier was gunned down in Woodbridge. The terrorist was an Army staff sergeant who had clearance at the Pentagon. The terrorist murdered his wife after a domestic dispute. The suspect was arrested without any incident.

Now as expected, the agitators in the junk food media are going to discuss these tragedies. I mean it's common that the first thing that comes up is the fact the terrorists were "NICE GUYS". 

The terrorists had run-ins with law enforcement or never had a criminal history. The terrorists were experiencing some issue. It could have been a dispute between family, friends or community.

These shootings have gotten major attention in the junk food media.

Well in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the city is mourning the death of three men who were killed execution style. These three Muslim-American men were murdered in a neighborhood a few miles from downtown.

The Muslim-American community and many religious leaders are upset that the junk food media isn't spotlighting this horrible tragedy.

The shooting on Lewis Street in Fort Wayne didn't get notice until now!
This incident happened on Wednesday night. This was before the Republican debate and the Kalamazoo terrorist shooting on Thursday. Kalamazoo is 123 miles from Fort Wayne.

Fort Wayne's public safety director Rusty York told a local ABC affiliate, 21 Alive, that there was “no reason to believe this was any type of hate crime, or focused because of their religion or their nationality whatsoever.”

He even noted that the house, rented out by a landlord who lives elsewhere, had become a place where young men of African descent often got together for parties.

The Fort Wayne Police Department did not offer The Huffington Post any additional comment about the suspected motive on Sunday.

Hamzah Sharif, the imam of the Islamic Center of Fort Wayne, did not mention a possible motive in a Facebook message about the young men’s funeral. He instead lauded the presence of the town’s other communities of faith at the service.

“All of [the] Fort Wayne community showed unity and solidarity against violence and stood together to pray for the three young men along with their families,” Sharif wrote.

Ahmed Abdelmageed, director of experiential education at Manchester University’s college of pharmacy in Fort Wayne, acknowledged that the deaths were an especially painful blow for Muslims, but warned against assuming it was a hate crime.

“‘Execution Style’ and the word ‘Muslim’ have certainly been forever ingrained in the minds of American Muslims and they trigger painful images of 3 beautiful souls lost for simply being Muslim,” Abdelmageed wrote on Facebook. “I caution however that the reason does not appear to be related to them being Muslim.”
The Klan is on the rise. The anti-Black, anti-Immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric from Republicans has become recruitment tools for White extremists.
But the incident comes amid a wave of anti-Muslim incidents in the wake of the November terror attack in Paris, increasing the possibility that the triple killing was motivated by prejudice.

Some people, many of them other Muslims, took to social media to question law enforcement’s contention that the crime was unrelated to the Islamic faith of the victims, and to call for an investigation of the killings as a hate crime.

The victims Mohamed Taha Omar, Adam K. Mekki and Muhannad A. Tairab were found in a house with slugs in their heads.

The Fort Wayne Police and the FBI are certain this event wasn't a "gang related situation". They don't know if its either a "hate crime" a "murder-suicide" or a "terrorist attack".

What we know, it's a mass shooting and I don't know who the shooter was! The FBI is actively searching for the persons involved in this horrible tragedy.

Hence forth the blame game.

Who deserves the blame in the death of three Muslim men killed in Indiana?

Barack Obama
The Shooter
None Of These Above
personality test

Obviously I know what happens when I place a poll together. I expect someone to blame entities other than the shooter. The shooter deserves the blame for this.

The junk food media doesn't often cover every controversy and selective outrage is noted among the latest topics de jour.

World News Today send our condolences to the families of Mohamed Taha Omar, Adam K. Mekki and Muhannad A. Tairab.

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