Friday, February 12, 2016

The Feds End "Perk Time" In Georgia's Iron College!

The feds end the partying at Georgia's iron colleges. Interns and correction guards were indicted in drug trafficking, contraband and kickbacks.

The feds ended a string of corruption at many of Georgia's iron colleges.

About 46 members of the Georgia Department of Corrections are facing some federal time out. There were raids at multiple iron colleges. 

The raid involved guards, medical officials and inmates smuggling contraband, drug trafficking and slide backs (i.e. gifts and prostitutes) into the iron college.

These workers of the iron college would look the other way when it came to violent encounters, rape, contraband smuggling, and furrows. If it wasn't for their need for greed, they would have gotten away with this. The feds don't play when it comes to corruption in law enforcement. 

The feds found cellphones, heroin, and cocaine bundles being shipped out without the warden or the law's skeptical eye.

The Department's Office of Professional Standards says that they arrested five officers after the FBI done a undercover sting. 

"It's truly troubling that so many corrections officers from across Georgia could be so wiling to sell their oaths to sell their badges for personal profit., said U.S. Attorney John Horn.

The Feds and state boys entered the Dooly Iron College at the crack of dawn. They performed a shakedown of the entire facility in search of contraband, alcohol, cellphones, weapons and drugs.

These groups had ties to the Mexican cartel. The cartel gave the correction guards everything they wanted. The only thing they were missing was the informant who was interned from a neighboring state. That informant watched patiently as the guards were giving interns the contraband. 

Governor Nathan Deal, the Republican of the state is also facing federal watch for allegations of corruption. He has no comment on this scandal as of yet. But it's expected.

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