Wednesday, November 25, 2015

White Extremists Target #BlackLivesMatter Activists!

Three White extremists were arrested after they opened fire on #BlackLivesMatter Protesters.

Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings says that the biggest threat to the United States are White men. The mayor of one of the largest cities in the country said that White men are shooting up churches, movie theaters and schools. He said that vilifying refugees proves the Islamic State's point that America is waging a war against Muslims.

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) said that he would have more fear of White extremists than Syrian refugees. He said that Muslims are not the problem here.

This is coming from two White men. They are Democrats and they're telling the truth.

The conservatives were outraged over these comments. They automatically accused the politicos of playing the "race card" and playing down the threat of terrorism.

Republicans played down the threat of terrorism on September 11th. How come they get a pass on it?

Anyway, the Department of Homeland Security had this document drop back in 2009. They said that the rise of right wing extremism will LIKELY increase now that we have a Black president.

The declassified memo said that White male resentment will fuel anti-government rhetoric, a rise in firearm stockpiling, and threats on non-White Americans.
Jamar Clark was killed in police custody. Many residents demand reform.
We haven't had a major terrorist attack on the United States since the September 11, 2001 attacks.

We have had more mass shootings in the United States. The FBI and U.S. Justice Department have broken up plots by White extremists. It's not getting much notice because "concerned" Americans are so scared of Muslims.

It seems like the proof is in the pudding. There are over 1,100 active hate groups in the United States.

The hate groups are inspired by the internet. The conservative Craigslist and that right wing network are fueling tensions. Besides those two entities, you have Alex Jones and his kookspiracy networks.

You also have the conservative agitators on television/AM radio, the internet and comment section.

All of these groups spark the flame.

There was a shooting in Minneapolis. The police gunned down Jamar Clark. According to witnesses, Jamar was handcuffed at the time. The law says that he struggled for the firearm.

Regardless of what happened, it became a national story. Many in the #BlackLivesMatter movement have called for the release of video showing the incident.

They planned a shut down of one of the Minneapolis Police stations.

It's attracted the attention of Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN). He was very upset over the fact the law had a firearm pointed a protesters. One of those protesters was his son.

The Jamar Clark controversy is timed along the Laquan McDonald and Tamir Rice issues. There's been over 600 fatal police shootings in the United States this year.

This is sparking feverish pitch for body cameras, more training, better community relations, and accountability for officers using deadly force. It has become the premise of #BlackLivesMatter.

That is often ignored by the noise of the conservatives. They use false equivalencies such as Black on whatever crime and gun violence in the Black community as a deflection. They pretend to be "concerned" about the safety of Black America.

That right wing network puts on the showboating Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke to debate these fatal police shootings. Clarke, a Democrat (actually an independent who supports Republican) has been more incline to hold police officers accountable for reckless calls. He says that the use of force is justified. He along with Mark Fuhrman will not listen to the concerns of the activists.

Clarke has been often criticized in his own community for being too focused on his political ambitions than focusing on the rise of crime in his county.

There were counter protesters who were heckling the #BlackLivesMatter protesters. They were armed and they've showed up constantly threatening the protesters. The were motivated by a certain White extremist network. They wanted to film the encounter with the protesters.

This hasn't gotten much junk food media attention. It probably had some play on Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell. It was mention by Cenk Uyger of The Young Turks.
The suspects were trying to troll #BlackLivesMatter on social media. They came up on the group filming them. The protesters asked them to leave and they tried to chase them off. They end up pulling out their firearms and start shooting.
Three men with ties to White extremists were arrested after they fired upon #BlackLivesMatter activists Monday night. There were six people injured in the shooting. Some in social media claim that these individuals were using "self-defense".

They will be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder. The U.S. Justice Department may intervene. These men may face hate crime charges. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Allen Lawrence “Lance” Scarsella III, 23, was arrested in Bloomington. Sources said Nathan Gustavsson, 21, of Hermantown, and Daniel Macey, 26, of Pine City, were taken into custody after they turned themselves in. All three suspects are white.

These men are innocent until proven guilty.

The charges alone could carry LIFE in the iron college. If the federal government charges these individuals for a hate crime, they may earn an additional 20 years on the tab.

One man who was a Hispanic was detained but later released after they found that he had nothing to do with the shooting.

Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau is facing heat. The protesters are calling for a cannon firing because she's not taking on police corruption and abuse of power.

The protesters said that the fight isn't over. They vow to hold Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges and Minnesota's Democratic governor Mark Dayton accountable. The protesters will continue the push for police reform.

World News Today send our prayers to the victims of this senseless tragedy. We also send our condolences to the family of Jamar Clark.

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