Friday, November 20, 2015

Ohio Man With Disability Mocked By A Bunch Of D**ks!

Springfield tire company faces heat for posting on social media a video degrading a homeless Black man. 

What you put on the internet could end up being there forever. Given the situation that three men are facing, they regret posting on Facebook their taunting of a disabled Black homeless man.

In Springfield, Ohio, the workers over at Jim's Used Tires are facing some heat. They were recording this encounter with Allan Deonne Dubose, a local man who has special needs and is regarded as homeless in the community.

While on the job, a worker whips out his camera phone and two of his co-workers were taunting him by calling him "boy" and whistling at him like an animal. Then one of the workers grabbed an air compressor and shot a bit of air on Allan. 

They posted it on social media and shared it with a few of their friends. Well a friend of friend saw this and was applauded by this.

She took it to WHIO-TV, Dayton's most watched news agitator. 

When one of the residents who aids Allan saw that video, she went right into the faces of the workers and owner. She demanded that they apologize to Allan or face a boycott from residents.

Allan Deonne Dubose thinks that the people who filmed him should grow up.
Matreka Nache, who said she looks after Allan and lives in the neighborhood, said she approached the workers at the tire shop Thursday after seeing the video for the first time.

“Nobody deserves to be treated like that,” she said.

The shop’s owner, James Payton, calls what happened an ugly prank — the video was posted in May 2014 — and offered his apology to Allan and put his two workers on ice.

“We let him clean the trash out of the office, give him a little bit of change from time to time, coffee. They just got comfortable with him, in my opinion,” Payton said.

The owner said Allan has always been welcome at the shop and always will. He said he addressed the video months ago when he first saw it.

Thursday, he said the backlash has forced him to give the two employees the next two weeks off.

Allan said he thinks the men who pranked him should clean up their act, but he doesn’t want to see them punished.

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