Thursday, November 26, 2015

Fox Got Pissy Over Stare Down!

That right wing network got a hissy fit over a protester staring down a lawman.

Megyn The Outrage Princess was not a happy camper over the past day. She was livid.

There was a viral image of a man staring down a police officer in Chicago. In the wake of the Laquan McDonald shooting, many activists are planning a "shut down" of Black Friday. There's going to be sit-in protests at major city malls and shopping centers by the #BlackLivesMatter activists.

The right wing network is devoted to making #BlackLivesMatter, anti-White, anti-cop, anti-American.

Taking Points Memo report that Megyn got heated with a guest over the confrontation.

 "I just want to jump in as we're seeing an extraordinary moment. Look what's happening here," Megyn said.

Former New York City police Commissioner Bernard Kerik told Megyn, "Listen, you're going to have guys like this. You know, they want to instigate."

Richard Fowler jumped in to protest Kerik's comment and said, "What is he instigating? Bernie, I'm sorry I've got to interrupt."

"But Richard look at him," Megyn responded. "This is a cop out there accused of doing nothing wrong, trying to keep the peace."

Fowler said that it was the protester's First Amendment right.

"This guy is having a silent protest with this police officer," he said.

"He gets right in his face and stares him down? This cop hasn't done anything wrong," Megyn replied.

"You think that's fine? You have no problem with this?" Megyn later asked Fowler after he maintained that the protester had a right to stare down the officer.

"This is his first amendment right. This biggest problem here is..." Fowler said in response.

"It's not a question of what his constitutional rights are. It's a question of what's appropriate," Megyn hit back.

According to the right wing network, it's unfair if you're given the right to stare at law enforcement.

You should be arrested for staring at a lawman.

John Felton managed to get Dayton Police to admit they've fucked up when they pulled him over for "staring at an officer". That right wing network continues to tosses out the notion that it's the First Amendment right when it comes to peaceful protests.

When there were armed White protesters at Cliven Bundy's Nevada ranch doing a staring down state and federal lawmen, the right wing network was extremely supportive of their right to do that.

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