Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cool Was Obama's Middle Name!

This is why I think President Barack Obama is so cool. He basically shows the world that America cares. He's not like those reactionary shit throwing morons.

Over here in the United States, there are people who "seriously believe" that refugees fleeing the civil war in Syria are terrorists. The U.S. intelligence agencies believe someone between the age of 14 to 50 are possible agents for the Islamic State.

The president and team are well aware of the threat. He urged the American people to be vigilant in the wake of the Paris attacks.The Paris attacks have become a political football over here in America.

Republicans and few spineless Democrats are trying to pass legislation that bans refugees from coming in the country. The president vows to veto the bill.

The Islamic State believes that the Western nations are declaring a war on Islam. They are encouraging young Muslims into the fold.

The Republican clowns running for president claim that they can fight terrorism. Using their tongues is the only thing strength they got!

Yet, they can't do nothing about the mass shootings happening in their own country. It seems like they're asshole backwards when it comes to the real threat here in the United States.

Hopefully this shows the world how refugees aren't the blow 'em up and shoot 'em up folks the conservatives paint them out to be.

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