Saturday, October 24, 2015

Trump: Romney Should Just Bury His Head Back In The Sand!

Looks like the friendship is over.

The perennial loser Mitt Romney has spoken to the junk food media about Donald Trump.

He believes that Trump is a fad and he will not become the Republican nominee.

It seems like Jeb Bush and the perennial loser have decided to throw everything they've got at Trump and Benjamin Carson. These two have been gadflies to the establishment. The establishment is concerned that the insurgency will cost them the election.

The Republicans want to eliminate Trump, Carson and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) before they create more damage to the party.

To add insult to injury, the perennial loser went on former Barack Obama advisor David Axelrod's radio podcast to go after Trump.

The perennial loser said that Trump's comments were hurtful and it could spell doom for him if he manages to win the nomination.

“I think Donald Trump has said a number of things which are hurtful, and he has said they were childish in some respects, and I think [they] will be potentially problematic either in a primary or in a general election if he were to become the nominee,” said perennial loser Mitt Romney.

He believes that Trump is negative to the party.

Trump in usual fashion responds back to the perennial loser.

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