Sunday, October 11, 2015

Farrakhan's Message Ignored By The Noise!

Louis Farrakhan delivers a passionate plea to Black America to get their act together. To the conservative agitators, he's attacking White America and calling for the killing of cops.

How did a speech about Black empowerment become a chant for killing cops?

According to the conservative agitators, the speakers at the Million Man March were chanting for the death of White People, cops, and America. That wasn't the case, but you sure know that conservatives will exploit this. They will pick and choose which statements were deemed threats.

Instead of listening to the 2 hours and 30 minutes speech of the spiritual leader, they pick the most sensational phrase and loop it over and over!

Seriously, do actually believe that those attending the Million Man March got orders to return home and murder law enforcement?

The conservative Craigslist, loudmouth Bill Cunningham, Jesse Lee Peterson, and that network once again pick and piece the statements of Nation of Islam spiritual leader Louis Farrakhan.

The junk food media covers the Million Man March yesterday and our conservative agitating friends as usual are outraged over the statements by the NOI leader and other Black speakers.

One Black speaker is a part of that annoying conservative agitator's vocabulary. The former pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, Dr. Jeremiah Wright was in attendance.

What gets the conservatives upset is the honest truth. Wright who became a lightening rod during the 2008 Democratic primaries was scapegoated. His speech about 9/11 being a fault of American imperalism.

Each of these speakers urged for Black empowerment. The urged the crowd to keep pressure on law enforcement when it comes to reform. They urged men to laid down their guns and pick up a book.

He urged all men to denounce the B-word.
Jeremiah Wright.
He had told that America is tone deaf to the concerns of Blacks. He said that we must continue to fight for equality and justice against a corrupt system.

It was the type of speech you hear from Black coon shitkickers like David Clarke, Jr., Larry Elder, Peggy Hubbert, Kevin Jackson, Jesse Lee Peterson and Deneen Borelli, but more rational.

At the Justice or Else! Rally (a celebration of the 20th year anniversary of the Million Man March), Minister Farrakhan and other speakers urged Black men and women to understand their place in this country.

The corrupt system in which Farrakhan mentioned told us about the media's portrayal of his speeches, the reactions to the deaths of unarmed Black men, the agitators who profit off division and hate.

Well here we have it. That network devoted to trashing Black grievance is once again ignoring the real reasons to deflect gun violence, police reform and a strong government.

A few days ago, I posted my honest opinion about conservatives playing blind, deaf and stupid.
Concern trolls Bill Cunningham and Jesse Lee Peterson attack the Million Man March.
President Barack Obama admits that his biggest failure is not getting reasonable gun control passed during his first term. He felt that the powerful gun lobby and agitators in the media are tone deaf to the ongoing gun massacres in the United States.

You know what, two can play this game!

Should we blame talk radio, conservative agitators, blogs and that network for the murder of law enforcement?

They seem to gin up rhetoric that is anti-government, anti-Black, anti-immigrant and anti-cop. Those who watch this are probably plotting a mass shooting at a soft target. Say a pair of cops sitting at a Cici's Pizza or community college or a movie theater or a church.

Who knows?

Should conservatives take the blame for their own killers?

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