Friday, October 16, 2015

Conservatives Don't Give A F**k: They'll Go After Obama's Girls!

Nothing is off limits. Conservatives go after Malia Obama. Doesn't look like she's drinking or playing beer pong!

Was Malia playing beer pong?

On a trip to Brown University in Rhode Island, Malia, 17, was on campus and was spotted at a campus home. Someone took a Snapchat photo of the first daughter standing there twirling her hair and right next to her is a bunch of red Solo cups.

Someone tipped of The Daily Caller. And next thing you know, EXCLUSIVE: MALIA OBAMA PLAYING BEER PONG: THE ONLY COOL OBAMA.

Many credible journalists would never go after the children of the President of the United States.

But since we live in the United States and the freedom of speech is allowed, concern trolls will attack regardless of who the child is. Of course, conservatives concern trolls would bring up Barbara Bush and Jenna Hager, the Bush twins and their infamous drunken escapade.

They say that the junk food media made so much noise about them. Conservatives believe its pretty fair to attack Malia. She's after all an Obama.

The concern trolls are never nice to Malia or Sasha Obama. As you remember, a Republican staffer for Rep. Stephen Fincher (R-TN) went to social media to say that the girls have "no class".

Do you care if Malia was playing beer pong or not?

Matter of fact, who authorized the photo of the First Daughter without her permission?

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