Monday, October 19, 2015

Come On Joe, Are You Running?

Vice President Joe Biden is still debating on whether he will run for president or not.

The junk food media says that the decision will come on Wednesday. Will Vice President Joe Biden run for president?

Here's a quick poll.

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Democrats are wondering if the possibility of Joe Biden entering the clown car could spell trouble for the two front runners, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Hillary Clinton.

The right hand man for President Barack Obama has been really quiet on his intentions. Usually around early months, the candidates declare their intentions to run.

The Democrats have a really weak field. Given that Hillary Clinton is the most strongest of the Democrats, her flaws have given an opportunity to Bernie Sanders. Sanders who is an independent who caucuses with the Democrats is the insurgent candidate. He is a Democratic Socialist and a progressive. He is one of the most vocal opponents of corporate greed. He often sides with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on many issues facing the middle class.

Sanders wins support from marijuana supporters, non-religious,  young voters and progressives.

Conservative Democrats, the LGBT community, unions, working class Democrats and women favor Clinton over Sanders.
Pick one.
I don't know who's got the best advantage in winning the Black or Hispanic vote!

Right now, I am not inspired any of the Democratic candidates running. I am certainly not inspired by the Republicans. The Republicans are too damn extreme.

Biden entering could hurt Clinton. Many supporters of Biden think he can suck some of Hillary Clinton's most moderate supporters. Biden is pretty much straight forward on his views. He hasn't shift his views. The race could become a little more interesting if Biden does run.

I have a feeling that Biden might not run. Given the dysfunction in Congress and the utter stubbornness of some towards the president, many view Biden being a "third term" of Obama.

Biden will be 72 years old. He will be a perennial candidate if he chooses to enters the race.

Bernie Sanders is 75 years old.

Hillary Clinton is 69 years old.

Hillary Clinton so far leads against all the Republican candidates. That includes the insurgent candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

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