Friday, September 25, 2015

Ohio Suburb Eases Up On Bus Line!

The Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority wants to expand into other communities. 

About a few years ago, Beavercreek, Ohio was under intense pressure from local riders and the federal government to advocate public transit to its community. Beavercreek residents and city leaders were opposed to the bus line coming to the area.

The staunchly conservative suburb outside of Dayton, fought hard to keep the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA) from making stops near The Mall at Fairfield Commons.

The U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Highway Administration gave the suburb an ultimatum. The city better get a bus line out there or else lose federal funding for projects vital to the suburb.

Beavercreek city leaders approved the proposal and RTA managed to get a bus line out by the mall and Soin Medical Center.

Route 1 was rerouted in 2014. It was once a trolleybus route. Now it serves as a semi-county route. It begins at a layover loop in the census designated community of Drexel. It travels through U.S. Highway 35 for a brief moment. The bus passes through the junction where U.S. 35 meets Ohio State Route 49. Once it passes the junction, the bus travels east on Third Street, Dayton's dividing road.

Once it enters the city of Dayton, it goes to the Westown Transit Center and through Roosevelt-Westwood neighborhood. It also travel through the Dayton Aviation Historical National Park before it travels across the Dayton Peace Bridge. For a few miles it's also called Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway. Some segments of Third Street are dedicated to the slain civil rights leader. It also passes through the Dayton and RTA Cultural Arts Center before it heads toward downtown.

The bus travels through downtown. It passes through Sinclair Community College, the Canary district and Springfield neighborhood. It passes through Riverside and Wright Patterson Air Force Base. It enters Greene County where it runs a concurrent route pattern. One bus will go clockwise through Beavercreek and briefly through Fairborn towards Wright State University. The other bus will go counter clockwise through Pentagon Boulevard toward the Soin Medical Center and The Mall at Fairfield Commons. The bus terminates on Colonial Glenn Highway near the Wright State University campus. The road is devoted to U.S. astronaut and former senator John Glenn.

I've read the Dayton Daily News comment section. I've seen some of the most vile and racist word vomit from residents here complaining about how the ni663rs took the Salem Mall down. The concern trolls were complaining about the Dayton Mall being the hub of Get-Toe B'havior.

When the John Crawford shooting occurred in August 2014, many residents blamed the bus line for the shooting. They didn't find fault in the reckless call committed by Officer Sean Williams.

The concern trolls were saying that the bus line near the Mall at Fairfield Commons would turn the shopping center into a Z00.

So far, I've haven't heard much about unruly behavior at the bus stops. I mean there's only three measly bus stops near the Mall at Fairfield Commons. How many people actually ride that bus?
Dayton during the construction phase. Interstate 75 is being reworked through downtown. Beavercreek is six miles from downtown Dayton.
You have to wait at least 120 minutes to catch a bus.

The Greater Dayton RTA rallied for the next phase in its growth. They want to extend two routes to The Greene.

The Greene is close to celebrating 10 years in business. The shopping mall located in Beavercreek and Kettering is an outdoor mixed retail and housing center that gives residents a "downtown" shopping experience. RTA wants to be a part of the celebration. The owners of The Greene and RTA propose a bus stop located near the movie theater. The city leaders of Beavercreek are signalling approval of the bus line.

There are two buses that run near the mall.

Route 11 is county route that follows in a semi-circular path. Route 11 begins at Woodman Drive near Patterson Road. It travels towards the suburb of Riverside, the Eastown Transit Center and through the Wright Patterson Air Force Base before it heads towards Dayton. It covers the city of Oakwood, and a majority of Kettering. It passes through the Kettering Medical Center and Town & Country Shopping Center. The route terminates near the Kettering Recreation Center. The route passes near The Greene.
The Greene.
Route 12 is a local route that covers Kettering and the Five Oaks neighborhood. The route begins at the Good Samartian Hospital after a brief travel towards Northwest Plaza in Dayton. The route goes through Five Oaks and Upper Riverdale Neighborhood. It also passes through the McPherson neighborhood and the Dayton Art Institute. It goes through downtown and the Oregon Entertainment District. It follows a southwestern path towards Kettering. It passes near The Greene.

RTA is hoping to expand services into Miami, Greene, Warren County, Butler County, and extend their bus service to 2 am.

The bus company now has buses that serve The Austin Landing shopping complex, The Dayton Mall, The Mall at Fairfield Commons, the Dayton International Airport and Wright State University.

Dayton is the smallest city to still have trolleybuses. Out of five cities, Dayton is the smallest city to have overhead trolley wiring and bio-flex diesel trolleys.

Seattle, Boston, San Francisco and Philadelphia have trolleybuses that serve commuters. These cities have subways, light rail transit, commuter rail and ferries. Dayton doesn't have subways, light rail or commuter rail or ferries.

Any thoughts on RTA's decision to expand its bus lines?

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