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Memphis Grieving The Loss Of An Officer!

Sean Bolton was on the Memphis police for four years. A routine traffic stop turned deadly for him.

The racist right will have a "I told you so" moment. Of course, they'll complain about the protesters not even giving two fucks about the lives of the officers.

Well here we go. I've said it too many god damn times. Gun crimes are on the rise. Over 2,000 people are shot by a firearm a day. Over 1,200 people a day are killed by firearms. There are so many names, I could take over a month to say them. Concern trolls such as those law supporting conservatives say that those who complain about the need for police reform are the ones who allow "their friends" do all the damage.

A officer in Memphis lost his life in a shooting. It was a routine stop.

I am wondering who's going to be the first agitator to point the finger at President Barack Obama.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Sean Bolton.

Again, those in law enforcement get no praise for doing the right things. They only get it when they die in the line of duty. The bad ones (i.e. corrupt cops and career criminals) are often the ones who make it harder on everyone.

Again, the multiple choice question of the blame game.

Who will get the blame in the killing of a Memphis Police officer?

A) Barack Obama
B) The Blacks Lives Matter Protesters
C) Jesse Jackson
D) Al Sharpton
E) The Shooter
F) All Of These Above

If you answer E, then you are right.

But if you picked the A through E, you're not helping. You have a right to be condescending. Of course, blaming a man who spoke on unethical practices conducted by those in law enforcement got you people riled up.

Matter of fact, since Memphis has 70% Black populations you blame the residents, the mayor A C Wharton, the Democratic Party, and local leaders for not addressing Black on _______ crime.

Even though they've talked about it constantly, I guess you were listening to that old fart on the AM dial or watching that annoying conservative agitator on that network. Maybe you found click bait. A story from the conservative Craigslist. Hell did you buy a book from asshat Colin Flaherty?

Wait a minute, are planning to troll underneath the bandwidth bridge?

The ones who do right never get praise.

Only in death, a cop gets respect.

Sean Bolton died from multiple gunshot wounds after he was shot just after 9:15 p.m. while conducting a traffic stop at Cottonwood and Perkins in Parkway Village Saturday night.

Bolton was rushed to the Regional Medical Center, but was pronounced dead there.

The suspect, apparently an occupant of the car that was pulled over, was still at large late Saturday.

Dozens of officers from  the Memphis Police Department gathered outside the hospital in a grim vigil Saturday night, waiting for news about Bolton, who served in the Marines. Officers from other departments, including the Shelby County Sheriff and the state troopers, joined them in a show of support.

In a briefing outside Regional Medical Center, Police Director Toney Armstrong told the media that a citizen used the officer’s radio to call for help. The officer was hit with  multiple gunshots, he said.
Memphis is grieving over the lost of an officer.
“The suspect is still at large and officers are in the area trying to locate him at this time,” Armstrong said. “We are using all the means available to use to find the people responsible for this.”

Mayor A C  Wharton said this tragedy emphasizes the dangers of the job.

“This speaks volumes about he inherent dangers of police work,” Wharton said.

Armstrong also referenced the other two officers lost during his time leading the department.

On July 3, 2011 Officer Timothy Warren  was shot and killed in a downtown hotel. On Dec. 14, 2012, Officer Martoiya Lang was shot and killed while serving a warrant.

“We’ve been here before,” Armstrong said. “This is my third time in four years I’ve been director. It never gets any easier.”

FOX13 News, WHBQ FOX 13

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