Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Subway "Officially" Fires Jared Fogle Out The Cannon!

Jared Fogle was fired out the cannon by fast food giant Subway after he admitted to harbor child porn.

Last month, the entertainment industry was rocked by a major celebrity for a fast food giant being caught up in sex scandal. Matter of fact, this scandal may have ended a longtime relationship with the company that motivated him to "Eat Fresh".

Jared Fogle made international buzz by losing 300 lbs after doing proper exercises and eating Subway sandwiches. He would visit his Subway store above his apartment near the campus of Indiana University.

Subway found their pitchman.

And for nearly 20 years, Jared was the man who told celebrities and young children to eat healthy.

He was a major celebrity. Around Indianapolis, his hometown, people knew who he was.

Or did they?

Well last month, the feds did a "NO KNOCK" and ordered an immediate seizure of Jared's computers, phone and television. Apparently there were some things on those devices that got the feds attention.

Now, as expected Jared has admitted to harboring child porn on his devices.

Jared was caught up in a tryst with a franchise owner and a 16 year old girl who he had an affair with.

So I am guessing that Jared wanted to a two piece. He also groomed this franchisee and girl to get a little nasty with him.

Jared also wanted to make a franchisee, her daughter and cousin join Craigslist to make $$$$$$.

We'll see when the charges net some federal time out or freezer burn. The news is shocking.

Subway had no choice but to fire him out the cannon. They've wiped Jared like they done Hulk Hogan and Bill Cosby.

Matter of fact, Jared made over $20 million in revenue, trademark and celebrity.

His family and lawyer offer no comment to the plea deal or the former business partner Russell Taylor.

Taylor was involved in the filming of children at his residence. When the feds came a knocking, the scenario became clear, there's more than just him. Taylor sung like a canary. Jared was fingered as the mastermind.

By the way, hackers got into Ashley Madison. The website is social dating website devoted to anonymous encounters between married couples or singles.

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