Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Honest Take On Fall TV!

New Girl returns for another season. But will it survive this round?

Before I go any further, I want to let you know that I am not a TV critic or statistician.

I am a watcher of sitcoms, dramas and sci-fi shows. I don't have cable. I don't watch reality television that much and I tend to watch college football and NFL more. I do like watching college basketball and NBA games but I tend to just stay usually a workaholic and outgoing type.

I want to start off by saying this is an opinion. To all the trolls who may view this, nothing personal.

To anyone who works in the production of these shows, nothing personal.

To those who read this: Thank you.

Okay I am going to be blunt. I am not going to be watching much television this fall. Well I will say that I will make sure that I have access to my smart apps on my phone so if I do happen to miss an episode of a series, I can access it without paying fees.

There are some shows returning to ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW. Many of them have succeeded in carrying into another season. Others are struggling. I may not be a predictor of the future, but I can guide you to website that can tell you what may happen if you foresee a future without a favorite show.

TV By The Numbers is a website I often visit whenever I get a recap of shows. It has the renew/cancellation feature. The writers determine based on reviews which is a go and which is a no.

Some of the freshman shows will premiere in September others will in late Fall or early Winter.
The Mysteries of Laura featuring Debra Messing will continue for a second season. It survived the cut.
Some of the sophomore and long term shows will premiere this season. They will face an audience who could turn a dime when the show "jumps the shark".

Hopefully I see these shows prosper in the future. But I know when it comes to $$$$$$$ and business, it's about who's watching and who's not!

TV By The Numbers often is right on their call. They dub each call "the wrath of the Cancellation Bear." The Bear determines what show is likely to fade and which show continues on.

I don't have no impact on which show stays or goes. I just have this feeling that some of the shows that I've watched over the past year will eventually meet its end. Before I go into the short term shows, I will give you the shows that I believe will end in 2016.

Shows that are anticipated.

1) Empire
2) Modern Family
3) The Big Bang Theory
4) The Flash
5) Scorpion
6) 2 Broke Girls
7) Gotham
8) The X-Files
9) Last Man On Earth
10) Jane The Virgin
11) Scandal
12) How To Get Away With Murder
13) Grey's Anatomy
14) Chicago Med
15) The Muppets
16) The Goldbergs
17) black-ish
18) Heroes Reborn
19) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
20) Supergirl

I will place my bets on long term shows ending.

1) New Girl (Strong Possibility)
2) The Blacklist (Toss Up)
3) Fresh Off The Boat (Strong Possibility)
4) CSI: Cyber (Strong Possibility)
5) The Odd Couple (Strong Possibility)
6) Galavant (Strong Possibility)
7) Last Man Standing (Likely)
8) Person of Interest (Toss Up)
9) Undateable (Strong Possibility)
10) The Mysteries of Laura (Strong Possibility)
11) Hawaii 5.O (Strong Possibility)
12) Bones  (Likely)
13) Castle (Likely)
14) Madam Secretary (Likely)
15) Mike & Molly (Toss Up)

I have a feeling that these shows will be cancelled before 2016.

1) Life In Pieces
2) Minority Report
3) Bordertown
4) Emerald City
5) You, Me, and the End of the World
6) Dr. Ken
7) Superstore
8) Hot & Bothered
9) Wicked City
10) The Real O'Neals
11) Angel From Hell
12) Houdini and Doyle
13) The Player
14) Crowded
15) Heartbreaker

Your thoughts on the issue. Post your thoughts on my Google+ or here.

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