Monday, August 17, 2015

Marco Rubio: If I'm President, Cuba Will Be Bombed On Day One!

Obama is giving Cuba an unprecedented victory. If I'm elected president, I will put Cuba back on the state sponsors of terrorism. 

This clown Marco Rubio, the senator from Florida got steam coming out of his ears. After hearing the news of the United States easing tension with Cuba, he comes "Straight Outta Miami" bitching about the president giving Fidel and Raul Castro a victory.

The hip-hop Republican got an opportunity to take time from butter cows, fried Snickers and bacon busters to catch the hit movie "Straight Outta Compton". He said that he'll break from the seriousness of being a candidate to watch a movie. 


Can't wait til it hits DVD or Netflix?

When you're the President of the United States, movies are the last thing on the mind of an American leader.

The clown rose in his polls. He's either in fifth or sixth place. That means Jeb Bush and Scott Walker are in the bottom tier. 

Of course, The Donald, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina are the front runners. Rubio is the fifth man. 
Secretary of State John Kerry watches the flag raising at the American embassy in Cuba.
With the president trying to ease tensions with Cuba and Iran, Republicans are throwing cold water on the idea. According to Republicans, talking to nations we have no diplomatic ties to is equivalent to appeasement.

On Friday, Secretary of State John Kerry went to Havana. He was there for historical raising of the American flag. This is the sign of tensions easing with the lifting of the travel ban.

The travel ban was lifted after President Barack Obama lifted Cuba off the state sponsors of terrorism listing. He got a challenge ahead of him. He is pushing to eliminate the embargo. The inept Republican controlled Congress vow to fight him on this. Also the Iranian nuclear deal as well.

Rubio is an opportunist.

Some consultants are looking at the dingleberry Ohio governor John Kasich picking MC Rubio as a running mate.

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