Saturday, August 01, 2015

Drake: [Meek Mill] Became A Vegan Cause He Can't Do Beef!

Drake served Meek Mill with a side order of fries.

With the passing of WWE legend Rowdy Roddy Piper, the wrestling empire shares it condolences to the veteran of the ring.

One thing that's never forgotten: All feuds always were met in the ring!

If this was a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, the winner would have been........!

Damn, Drizzy! I didn't think you do him like that!

The 6 God destroyed every aspect of Meek Mill. Matter of fact, everyone was expecting the Philly rapper to respond back with a hard hitting response.

Damn, Drake destroyed Meek's gangsta!
Nope. It fell flat. Now everyone and anyone is embarrassed to be around him.

So I want to tell you that Meek Millie clammed up on the social media. He's been off the social media for over five days now.

They clowned on him. Even some big corporations went to social media to mock Meek.

WWE is considering putting a dent in his finances. He used the theme from The Undertaker in his Wanna Know diss. The song was sampled without permission.

I think he may have violated his court order. In 2013, Meek was forced to take etiquette classes after a judge slapped him with a hefty fine and probation. He was served with firearm and dope charges.

He must notify his P.O. whenever he continues his tour with Nicki Minaj.

There's talk that the feud has gotten on Nicki's nerves. There's reports of them splitting up.

Now here comes the most funniest responses on Twitter from fans, athletes and corporations.

This Meek Mill clowning has been great for Burger King, White Castle, Hamburger Helper, Whataburger and even etiquette company Rosetta Stone. They actually making $$$$$$$ off it.

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