Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ringside Romney!

Evander Holyfield decides to make a man out of perennial loser Mitt Romney.

He may be a perennial failure for political office, but during his downtime Mitt Romney decides to take on a new hobby, boxing.

For a charity, perennial loser Mitt Romney takes on Evander Holyfield. They were raising cash for CharityVision, a group that helps children with vision and lost of sight.

Holyfield didn't go soft on Romney. The perennial loser can add another notch to his belt of failure.

Romney lasted only two rounds.

But on the bright side, Holyfield won.

So in regards to the perennial loser's record

1W - 4L

1 win as a state governor, 1 lost as a U.S. Senate nominee, 1 lost as a Republican candidate, 1 lost as a Republican presidential nominee, and 1 lost as a boxer.

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