Thursday, May 21, 2015

GOOGLE Your ________ In The White House!

If you Google, Obama, what would you find? I can tell you many offensive themes.

Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter are disputing with the White House over its internet policies. I guess someone over at Google, the sponsor of this blog got pissed and GOOGLE bombed the Maps.

If you Google, NIGGER and HOUSE on the Maps, it directs you to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.

The first Black president lives there.

If you Google, NIGGER and KING on the Maps, it directs you to President Barack Obama's residence in Chicago or Washington, DC.
The Guardian screenshot the map.
Google had to fire some people out the cannon and restrict some of its user added features.

Google apologized for it. This isn't the first or the last. Last time, the images of the Obamas were tagged to primates. The other time was a website using a photo shopped image of a gorilla having sex with First Lady Michelle Obama. And recently, the Android mascot was urinating on an Apple logo.

Hey, Google!

Do something about Chrome too! I am tired of getting them Shockwave Flash "not responding" error messages. Matter of fact, I am tired of YouTube videos with too many god damn ads on them. And I am not a fan of the new Maps.

I am kind of bitter because Google suspended my ad venue account because of racist agitators messing with my YouTube account.

Stupidity on the tech front coming your way out of Mountain View.


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