Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Drudge Grabbing Alex Jones' Nuts!

The racist right gets worked up over an ignorant group of people.

Whenever the bold red is posted on the conservative Craigslist, it's obviously juicy for the racist right to seethe on. And of course, it's captured on a camera phone where a nobody can become an instant sensation.

What it means to me?


Since when did it become illegal to say something offensive about a race? Last time I've check, the racist right have been active in calling the president a NIGGER and whatever else.

The guy who filmed it is Joey Badass. He probably wanted to generate attention. After all I've never heard of him. The person linked to this video claims he's frequent regular on SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Radio Show.

NYC Thug Tells Whites: Bow Down to Blacks, You're All Gonna Die...

The link goes to the screamfest of kookspiracy.


Shocking racial animosity caught on camera

Watson is a racial extremist in his own right. He and Alex Jones cater to the militia movement.

Alex Jones is notorious birther, kookspiratorial agitator, and huckster. He's a total bitch boy! 

Watson gets his panties wet over a Black extremist who shouts at a group of White people. 

A White guy jumps on him and a few other Black guys intervene.

A few offensive comments aimed at the guy who jumped the Black extremist and that's it.

But it's blown up into a #BlackLivesMatter protester shouting racial slurs at White people. 

Watson wrote this bullshit as a piece to discredit the #BlackLivesMatter movement. In his piece linked above, Watson claims the older black man begins an argument with the group before threatening to “turn this motherfucker upside (down).”

“Where’s your man at? I’ll get him first. Straight up, I don’t give a fuck,” yells the man, adding, “I’m a thug, I’m from Brooklyn,” before referring to himself as the “King.”
The bond of two extremely annoying nuts.
One of the hipsters then jumps towards “King” and other members of the Five-Percent Nation, one of whom is wearing a “fuck the police” sweater, quickly move in to disperse the confrontation.

“You’re a dead man – I promise you,” yells “King” towards the man who confronted him.

However, the tone of the confrontation then begins to turn even more sinister as another member of the Five-Percent Nation states, “That’s why I stopped him, because this motherfucker should be bowing to him.”

“Bowing?….Did this guy just say racist shit here….he should be bowing to him because he’s black?” asks the man filming the incident.

“And just so ya’ll know, all of ya’ll time is coming, you’re all gonna die,” says the Five-Percent Nation thug.

“What do you mean ya’ll,” asks the cameraman.

“All of you people, and all of your derivatives, all of the people who love you,” responds the thug.

“You talking about white people?,” asks the cameraman.

“Yeah,” responds the thug.

The argument continues before the thug asserts, “by the end of this year you’ll be dead.”

“Is that a death threat, black man?” asks the cameraman.

“It’s already happening,” responds the thug.

One of the group that was threatened, himself black, then points out the threat also applied to him because his mother is white.
Paul Joseph Watson is a racial extremist who follows kookspiracy websites InfoWars/Prison Planet.
The cameraman’s charge that the thug is a “racist piece of shit” for calling for the mass genocide of white people would be disputed by social justice warriors and prominent black figures, who argue that it is impossible for black people or ethnic minorities to be racist.

No. It's just a bunch of White folks stirring the nest bothering some eccentric Black guy and filming it for their little moment of fame. It's channeled through the kookspiracy and racist right web. 

Here's a little bit of freedom of speech. 

So in closing. Fuck Matt Drudge. Fuck Alex Jones. Fuck Paul Joseph Watson. Fuck Joey Badass. Fuck the guy who jumped the Black extremist. And fuck the Black Extremist.

And you got a problem with it, then fuck you too.


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