Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Barack Obama Joins Twitter!


It seems like the curtain is pulled over again. President Barack Obama jumps onto Twitter. So all that coming from the official Barack Obama Twitter and Facebook accounts were done by his staffers.

Even the signed by "B.O." It was done by staffers.

So who thought he had the time to jump onto Twitter?

The Secret Service clears the way for the president to create an account. Of course, he introduces himself to the Twitter world.

I mean when he has he ever been able to promoting himself?

Who was sending those mailers, email shouts and videos? I thought it was done by him.

Do you actually believe that?

Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States is a very busy guy. I mean he running a country of 322 million people. He controls the nation's military. He is the leader of the free world. He had to be a father 24/7, a husband, a man who has to promote a vision for the country.

Despite his critics attacking him constantly over the most trivial things, Barack manages to brush off the noise and keep it moving forward.

He signs legislation into law. Why would I believe that he jumps onto Twitter and post "I am eating cereal and watching Sportscenter" on the social media?

He doesn't get enough time to jump onto the social media. With all the things going on. I mean the president works 24/7 and doesn't really get a break.

So what did the president do when he was on Twitter?

He tells the public that he made an executive order on police requesting military style weaponry.

The president believes that the police using military arsenal gives communities a sense of distrust towards them.

He traveled to Camden, NJ to talk about the need for police reform, transportation reform (in wake of neighboring Philadelphia and the tragic train crash) and empowerment.

Soon we will address the racist and threaten messages sent to the president.

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