Sunday, April 05, 2015

The Law Gonna Neuter DMX!

This dog has seen better days. DMX is being investigated in a robbery.

Neutering the Grand Champ. Earl Simmons, Jr. known by the music as DMX is in some hot water.

According to the junk food media, a man alleged that DMX and his crew barked and bit the victim at a gas station in New Jersey. Now the law is considering putting the dog in a cage.

Newark police are investigating a 21-year old's claim that he got jacked at a local Exxon gas station over the weekend. The victim claims that the rapper and him struck a conversation.

In a few minutes, DMX's bodyguards showed a gun and told the victim to empty his pockets and give up his phone. As the victim hands his stuff, DMX's crew head out. The victim decides to follow the SUV and grab the license plate.

The victim says that he got lifted of $3200 and his phone.

DMX and his reps are not commenting on this claim. If there's charges, the dog could be facing grand theft and assault. Those charges could put the dog in the cage for 20 years.

DMX, 44-years old came into the music scene in the late 1990s and was best known for the songs "Ruff Ryders Anthem", "What These Girls Want", "Party Up (In Here)", and "Where The Hood At".

The grimy and yet philosophical rapper has become washed up.
All bark but no bite. DMX spent time in Maricopa lock up when he was busted numerous times for driving under the influence. The controversial sheriff Joe Arpaio made him a "star" during his stay.
His run ins with the law from drug charges, animal cruelty, child support, driving the vehicles without a license, and disorderly conduct.

DMX's fall from grace was the day he was busted in Arizona for doing 135 in a 75 mph zone. The law had found him with narco (cocaine, marijuana and alcohol) and an unregistered in the glove compartment. The controversial sheriff of Maricopa County Joe Arpaio decided to make DMX a queen in the county lockup. He made him wear a pink jumpsuit and pink underwear.

Back in the hey days when I was a little hip-hop head, I was a big fan of the Ruff Ryders. The rap clique included DMX, Eve, The Lox (Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, and Styles P), Drag-On and in house producer Swizz Beatz.

They were the crew back then. I had one opportunity to see DMX at a concert. Back in 1999, Jay-Z launched his Hard Knock Life Tour which followed his Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life album. The tour made a stop in Dayton, Ohio at the Wright State University's Nutter Center.
Ruff Ryders. From Bottom L to R, Styles P, Swizz Beatz, Drag-On, Sheek Louch, and Jadakiss.
From Top L to R,  Darrin "Dee" Dean, Eve, Chivon Dean  and Joaquin "Waah" Dean.
That was my first hip-hop concert. It was promoted by Roc-A-Fella Records and Def Jam. It included Method Man, Redman, Memphis Bleek, Amil and Ja Rule. The headliners were Jay-Z and DMX.

The Ruff Ryders were top billing along with Cash Money Records. They did a joint concert tour in which Juvie (Juvenile), Lil' Wayne, B.G., Turk and The Big Tymers were the opening act and DMX, Eve and Jadakiss were the headliners.

In 2000, I went to the concert. The concert started really late. Cash Money performed their songs and this terrible comedian was the intermission. The comedian was supposed to be the warm up act, but it flopped. So as me and many concert goers were sitting patiently. It was getting late and about almost 12am, the concert promoter came out saying that the Ruff Ryders weren't coming out.

People were pissed. I spent $80 to see a concert. DMX, Eve and Jadakiss skipped the act. I said that I'll never buy an album from these guys ever again!

Now you see where are they now?

The Ruff Ryders are washed up. No one is banging their music. Maybe that DMX's "Party Up (In Here)" song still gets rotation, but are you really bumping him?

They were supposed to come to Dayton to perform at the Nutter Center. That didn't happen.

They skipped the concert and many fans skipped their albums.

Now DMX, Eve, The Lox and Swizz Beatz are pretty much trying the independent circuit. Their buzz is faded and now the only thing that keeps them in the news is the fact they're doing either reality television or causing some infraction that lands them in the courts.

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